• It was without doubt the best simulated game day I have ever been on.
  • The drives ramped up nicely throughout the day and the last two were incredibly testing.
  • It was great to be in a proper grouse butt with butt sticks.
  • Venue was by far the best I have been to for a Simulated Game Day.
  • The hilltop drives at Bryngwyn were outstanding.
  • Fantastic setting. Great place to shoot and stay.
  • A superb warm welcome and faultless hospitality from Lady Linlithgow throughout the day and our overnight stay.
  • We retired to the billiard room where the fun and games continued. The whole day was faultless.

Wednesday 28th June 2017, Double Barrelled Shooting our Simulated game business at Bryngwyn Estate was on the cover with a leading article in The Shooting Times. We are grateful to Patrick Galbraith editor of The Shooting Times, Robert Everitt from Hull Cartridges and all of the participants who came to our promotional day to give Double Barrelled Shooting such a sensational review Read the full article here.

Featured in The Field Magazine - May 2016
Clouds of game for the price of six pheasants by Robert Cuthbert

Featured on BBC One - A Summer in Wales. Watch the videos below to see a simulated game day on the estate

Also featured in Alphabet Britain - By Lucy Feltham Read the Article here